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The New Zealand Fairy Tern Charitable Trust was formed in 2008 by community volunteers and ornithologists concerned for the long term survival of the NZ fairy tern. We work closely with DOC and support their efforts to avert the bird’s extinction.

The Trust’s aim is: “To help the NZ fairy tern survive and prosper in the fairy tern habitat of New Zealand for the benefit of present and future generations of New Zealanders.” (Trust Constitution)

The Trust works in five main areas:

  • Support for volunteer fairy tern monitors, providing boat transport, telescopes, fencing and other equipment.
  • Predator control: Since 2012, the Trust has managed and funded a year-round intensive trapping programme on the Mangawhai Sandspit, which has greatly improved breeding success for NZ fairy tern. The Trust also supports predator control at Waipu. While fairy tern are the focus of the predator control, other ground nesting birds also benefit.
  • Education:  Trust members give talks to schools and local community groups, advise the Mangawhai museum on its bird display, and have collaborated with DOC and councils on information signs around the breeding sites.
  • Advocacy: The Trust has also been involved in advocating for fairy tern habitat through the Environment Court. The Trust’s Court action in 2019 and 2020 resulted in the removal of an illegal dam on Te Arai Stream, an important food source for fairy tern.
  • Research: Ian Southey, in 2017, on behalf of the Trust, initiated a long running, monthly survey of fish stocks in Mangawhai Harbour, concentrating on four sites which are known fairy tern foraging areas.

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