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June 2020

In this issue: Fairy tern news; Wharf threat; Raffle winners; Environmental Awards; Thanks;

Te Arai Stream dam; Join us; More on Te Arai Stream.

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February 2020

In this issue:   Fairy tern news: Summary, Trapping, Chick rescue at Mangawhai, Te Arai chick; Necropsy Workshop; Fish Study; Please join us;

How did our bird get its name? Thanks: Bennetts, “Fairy men”, Zoo volunteers, raffle, Law firm; Te Arai Stream dam.

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November 2019

In this issue:   Fairy tern news; Christmas carols: Christmas cards; Fund raising raffle; Other events;

Court actions; Dotterel workshop; Fish Study; AGM; Membership receipts and renewal.

Read more >>2019 No 4 Bulletin

August 2019

In this issue:   AGM; Membership renewal; Fairy tern news; News items; Court actions;

Fish Study; Rangers’ reports.

Read more >>2019 No 3 Bulletin

2013 -2014, a RECORD breeding season ! (Still the record)

Twelve New Zealand fairy tern chicks fledged this season, a record number since the protection programme began in the 1980s.

Nine of these hatched were on the Mangawhai Wildlife Refuge.